86 T Type for sale in Fl


Well, didnt think it would happen....but my son is selling his T. Due to his Air Fore commitments requiring travel for alot longer than expected, we are going to make some space in th garage. I am posting here prior to going mainstream with it. My dad bought it from a dealership in Cali who purchased it from the original owner. He then gave it to my son a few months later. We have the orig bill of sale and owners manual, orig warranty paperwork, etc.

It has 28,400 orig miles and power windows/seats. It is completely stock except for spoolfool fillers and a tt chip we put on. The orig owner put on mufflers/cutout/testpipe. We installed bfg drag radials that have less than 500 miles on em, and replaced the following over 3 years of ownership: brake ball, window actuators, fuel pump, and alternator. The original paint was finally put to rest ealrier this year. It started life out as rosewood metallic. We have all orig badges and wheel trim - my son likes the debadged look. The only 2 issues are that the a/c compressor has a small leak and the radio is not wired. The orig ownner installed a newer model fm radio, replacing the am that came from the factory (which we have). We pulled it out since it looked misplaced and installed, but havnt wired an original am/fm model.

This car is an absolute creamuff and runs really strong for a stocker. It is a true timecapsule. Asking 20,000

Please call or text 561-789-3697 with any questions.


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Anthony P

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This T looks well done. If I could suggest adding some other key pics that buyers here, or when the car is listed mainstream, will be requesting so as to not have to respond to many individual requests. turbo buick buyers like to dissect the "as delivered by GM" and closely compare to the "as found now" condition for a 20K mile car. Also helpful to note availability of original window sticker and any of the original warranty booklets the original dealer filled in with the original owner's name, address, etc. AND also note what service records/receipts are available.

the following pics would be helpful:
---SPID label (from underside of trunk lid. you can consider blurring out the VIN on that label for now, but it would be very helpful to know for any potential buyer researching and verifying the car, let alone performing a carfax report. it is for sale so when you go mainstream, the VIN will have to be listed anyway.)

---pic of VIN on dash thru windshield

---Fisher body tag (cowl tag) under the driver's side wiper arm

---Trunk area and underside of trunk lid showing SPID and jacking instructions label

---spare tire showing original grey valve stem cap and jack (want to see if jack was ever used)

---driver's side door stickers (2) on door jam

---from under the rear bumper, showing the gas tank (partial), rear axle and differential

---from driver's side and passenger side showing the condition underneath (floorpans) of the car.

A low mileage car in this condition would expect that the VIN on the dash matches the VIN on the SPID trunk sticker as well as the VIN on the engine and transmission. If the door stickers were lost when the car was repainted, I would highly suggest getting replacements thru Kirban's before you go mainstream with the car. see them here. These stickers help complete the idea the car was done correctly.


Sad that you have to sell it due to your son's extended deployment.
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Forgot to add that it doesnt even drop any oil.

Its in boca raton

Anthony: i have all those pics but i didnt want overload the add. But, below are a few more


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grass doctor

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very nice ride love the rose wood looks really good wish it had t type emblems
but I do like the clean look on it
damn nice ride I wish I could get it GLWS
if I hit the numbers this week ill be in touch


very nice ride love the rose wood looks really good wish it had t type emblems
but I do like the clean look on it
damn nice ride I wish I could get it GLWS
if I hit the numbers this week ill be in touch

Thx, and good luck with the numbers! We still have all the orig emblems.....they are in the trunk wrapped in tape. And yeah, the red interior is def a lot diff than the grey ( which is what i have in my silver 87 - which is not for sale)


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Correct me if I’m wrong but is the bottom side of the trunk lid and the inside of the trunk panel still the original rosewood color even though the car was repainted? Kinda hard to tell from the pics.


TTT......thinkin about putting it on Bring a Trailer so if anyone is interested , it probably wont be for sale for that much longer. This car really is in amazing condition. I am willing to entertain offers!