86' Stock to Hydroboost Conversion


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Hello my first post - I would appreciate some advice from anyone who has completed the install or is familiar with the process. Prices are as of 5-21-20 in Southern California. Got some inspiration from VenomGT87 youtube video. I figured since looking up and cross referencing all the info might as well post it up with updated part numbers.

O'Reilly - Brake Power Booster #52-7157 = $172.99 + $25.00 with no core exchange (IN STOCK!!)
Subtotal $197.99 plus 9.25% sales tax
Total $216.30

Kirban Performance Hydroboost to firewall Gasket #7610 @ $6.00
Not sure how much shipping or tax will be.

AZ= AutoZone %15 $100 or more (FRESH15 good until May 27th 2020!)
AZ - Master Cylinder, from 81 Corvette 1.125" bore #NM1749 = $47.99
AZ - Power steering line #91660 = $34.99
AZ - Power steering line #71187 = $18.99
AZ - Brass T 3/8" #55108 = $6.99
AZ - 5ft 3/8" SAE J2076 PS hose #81352 = $2.19/ft
AZ - (1 pack of 4 count) Koehler 1/4in to 5/8in Hose Clamps #KE4SS = $2.99
Subtotal $122.90
Total before tax $104.47, ordering & picking up in store
Grand total $114.13

Also plan later for Wilwood #140-12297; 4 piston black caliper, 12.19" rotor (PLAIN no slotted or drilled rotors).
It is expensive but for $926.79 I don't think anyone can beat it. Around $350 for conversion to Hydroboost doesn't break my bank.
I like this budget friendly approach at under $1500.


Texas, Where are you from
I did the conversion a few yrs ago. Long enough that I have replaced the mc as it was leaking. I love it.

Ask away, i'm an open book. Message and I'll send a phone number if you want.


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I have done the swap and seen enough post to confidently say... buy a kit with everything ... it may be a bit more money but well worth it. I have seen more than a few remanufactured units get installed and be DOA... this is like everything else with these cars... you get what you pay for.

Good luck.