86 GN is hard starting once it's hot, any ideas?


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So this is a new issue, but the last couple of weeks after driving and it's warmed up I shut off and go into store for a short time and then try to start it it doesn't want to start. Go back into store for 1/2 and then try again and it starts right up. I don't really know what to check first. So any thoughts or ideas please fire away and I will provide any input I can. It has an LT? mass air sensor with translator and stock ecm with alcohol chip (chip by well known Buick guru). Thanks


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Is the fuel pump priming properly when hot on the restarts?
A spare coil pack and module for testing would be a good start as mentioned.


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Simple question, but how old is the battery?

Starting amps are holding?
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Yes the battery is old. I went and got a new one right after I posted this because I got thinking about the age of the battery and often I have to keep a charger on it. You nailed it. Thanks