86 GN hood not popping up


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Hood will not open when cable handle in car is pulled. I have dreaded this day, its here.
What is the best procedure?


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Does the cable seem to be unlatching the latch? I usually give her the "Fonzie" bump and get it to pop up. Might need to give her some lube or see about the spring to make sure it is giving its all.


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The hood latch cable is still spring loaded feeling, not sure where the spring is.
I have had someone pulling the cable release in the car and me pushing on the front hood area, no progress.
I'm going to need to get under the car and try finding a way to release.
I'm worried the front mount IC this may be more of a challenge.

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Sorry, wish I could help you, but my car is outside, and the temp is down to 4 degrees, if it warms up, I can take some pictures