86 GN for sale


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Hey guys
Hate to do it--butI have decided to sell the GN. Reason being is that I want another car and this one has to go. Plus, I do not know really that much about improving the car and I want someone who has the time,knowledge and really wants to enjoy the car. I have only had the car for a couple of years and have barely driven it enough to change the oil once. The big problem is I think something is afoul with the converter. The last time I drove it to work--when it got almost there(about 10 miles) the engine revved up but the car would not pull. When it cooled down the car would drive around and go into gear and go around the block--but I didnt push it.So--it will have to be pulled and checked. The body does have some rust in the trunk lip--spots on both doors and small bubbles in the quarter panels. But overall its in good shape. The engine was rebuilt and bored.020 before I got it--plus the transmission was beefed up too. Here is a list of some of the goodies: 93 octane Red Armstrong chip, T-44 turbo, 40 lb injectors,Adjustable fuel regulator, 3 inch downpipe, Hooker 2 1/2" Cat back, Adjustable wastegate, Detroit Locker rear end, airbags under the rear, scanmaster and I believe a 3500 stall converter. I have had a new headliner installed, plus a new windshield recently. Plus, the coil pack has been replaced. The car does run rough now--the idle goes up and down--but someone with the know how could fix it. I t does have 120K + miles but this car does have the potential to fly when fixed. I am asking $7000 firm--I bought it at $8000 so I CANNOT take any less. If I dont sell it at that price--no big deal--will just wait and sell it later. I will take the loss to sell it and have someone enjoy it and understand it where I have not. I WILL add pictures tomorrow and give my cellphone # tomorrow or Wednesday. Oh, and I do have an extra rust free trunk and a new antenna assembly--I may be able to find some doors--even though they arent GN doors. So once again--will NOT take any less than $7K-Have to get something out of my investment--More tomorrow--Thanks--Eric
Oh--And I am in Blue Ridge VA