85 Regal


I am not new to the regal community. years back I had a 87 white turbo T. I really enjoed that car, but as always once you get to a point with that turbo motor they become very finicky. Well I wound up selling the car(wish I still had it) to get a 06 Z06. I never lost my love for the regal body style. I honestly believe it is the 55-57 chevy of my generation. I was lucky enough to pick up a clean 85 Regal last year. I already had the motor for the car. It is a LQ4 out of a 04 Silverado. A lot of work went into getting things the way I wanted them in the engine compartment, but the end product is one i am proud of. Looking forward to enjoying the car this summer.


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Nice 85, I've never lost my love for G body's, 1st car was an 81 Monte Carlo, but my best memories were in an 83 Regal Limited that my father converted, seized up the 3.8, then pops pieced together, and made a "hot air" 4.1, took intake, exhaust, turbo etc off of my sisters totaled sport coupe, bought a 4.1 out of a Riviera, swapped everything and put it into my Regal, then my fun began, until a late night of drinking and found out trees really don't move when you hit them, lol
Beautiful project, enjoy the hell out of it with the LQ4 swap!!!!!!!!!


I had a chance to drive the car over the weekend. It is really nice to drive. Still needs to be tuned but I can tell the final outcome will be what I was hoping for.