85 GN Sold On Mecum Last Night For $30,000

I was watching the Mecum auction last night and saw where a very clean 85 hot air Grand National sold for $30,000 and was just wondering if it belonged to anyone on this forum? One thing is for certain whoever did buy this car got a beauty.
PT Barnum was right…..:rolleyes:
That car was being sold just as they were coming back from comercial break. Don't know the details on it but all I could think was you could have bought a very nice intercooled car for way less than 30k.

The buyer seemed pleased as could be tho.

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Maybe the buyer had a personal connection to the car, like he graduated high school in 85 and always wanted an 85 GN. Who knows. Had to be something though as that car was only worth $30K to him.


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Trying to understand some of the hate . . . .
Just because you don't have the money or wouldn't buy it, doesn't mean it's not worth it. JS


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Don't forget that someone else was standing there trying to pay $29k for it.

Also if it's a super low mile original, it won't matter to the owner what year it is because it will be parked and looked at as art and not a car. The hot air engine does just fine loading it on/off a trailer or going around the block a couple times a year.