' 84 - '85 CCCI Parts availability


OH, OK .......Now I get it
I'm fairly sure that a lot of us have been frustrated with the scarcity of many of the discontinued electronic parts for our Hot-Airs.
I've only been in this Game for about 4 years , but I finally discovered that NGK & Walker Products are marketing things such as MAF's, Control Moduals , & Coils for our year engines.
I just received this little thing , from Rock Auto of all places. I've never ever, ever , ever found one anywhere that was the correct size. I even resorted to making my last one. Any hoo , It's finally found ........Made in the USA , too.

A Find-Finally.jpg


Yes, understand your situation. I own now a 85 GN with 14k on odometer. May have a maf sensor faulty, do you have a spare maf sensor for sale, Thx Mike


OH, OK .......Now I get it
I only have one backup that I can not part with. I would try the Walker product . It's fairly in expensive & I'll be gambling on them in the future ? It's just downright tough to find any OEM parts for our HotAirs.