80 lb injectors and E85


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Just got mine in the mail from FT cant wait to try it out.
Thanks Bob
Ill be runing the trans pro and 80s Im still on the fence with my fuel pump may keep the WB and put a 044 inline.
extender extreme chip for E85

Ok so I just got an e85 tuned extender extreme from turbobob.

I was using a TT5.6 chip and worked pretty good. I wanted to try the extender because the 4.1 flows a lot of air and with the tt5.6 you don't know whats happening.

The new chip is leaning out very bad in mid throttle initial testing.
Thank goodness its E85 as it did not knock!

20 lbs @ half throttle. WB shows 16 to 1!

If the only way to fatten this up is with the translator plus then I think Im in trouble?

here is a screen shot with some data.


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E85 has a lot of seasonal variation. So you sometimes need to adjust for it.

What is that chip number?

What are the settings in the T+?

What are your BLMs reading at cruise?

Wow Bob!

Working on Sunday, you are the man!

I just got the chip ID# BSX57D0F

Im rechecking the translator settings. This run was set to not add any WOT fuel.

The BLMs at cruise were good @ 128


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I work pretty much every day.....

What are the switch and dial settings?

In PL, you should set the MAF range for 512 on the F3 page because thats a regular Extender, not one of the Extreme types (you have a 3" MAF)

Post the logfile

I had the PL set to the 768 mode.
I will change that.

Everything else in translator looks OK. Limit is off.

I changed the translator WOT fuel to 7 for 15% more fuel.

Im turning down the boost to around 16 and will do another test runs or 2.


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The o2 sensor is not causing anything,

What are all the dials and switches set to?

Can you post a log?

There should be no issues with the chip being too lean, so we need to figure out where the hiccup is.



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somewhere around 1.5v, its more a function of LV8.

What are all the switches and dials set to.

can you post a log


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can you post or email the log?

The Extender stuff bases all fueling from the MAF, so if your MAF doesn't read correctly at high flows, the fuel will be lean.

i rechecked all the translator settings by moving the switches back and forth.

I bumped up the WOT fuel to plus 15%

I disconnected the WG so the boost would max out around 16.

Car runs OK and actually way fat at 16lbs.

Here is a file.


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I think your limiter switch might have been sticky.

You gained a ton of pulsewidth on that log.

So I would back the WOT dial off a click or 2 at a time, and raise the boost a little at a time to make sure it stays rich.

E85 has a wide range of AFRs that it runs well at (like 10.5 to 12.5) so we just need to get it into the 11's for you.

Let me know if you are thinking of moving up to a larger MAF, so we can swap you to an extreme chip.

Thanks BOB!

Yes the limit switch must have been hanky.

I did another run up to 23 lbs. Still rich. Love it.

I will back the WOT fuel to plus 2%.

SO what happens if I go over 512 on the MAF?

Does a 85MM Maf get me the higher limit?

Thanks Turbobob and Denso

OK now we are cooking...

New Denso intank pump and Extender chip for E85.


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