$700: GNX Suspension Missing Crossmember and Etc.

rick j.

Is anyone interested in the Kirban/Clark GNX suspension that GMHTP installed on my ’87 T back in 2002?
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I believe it was installed for around a year or two, and track tested I think twice for the magazine. Then it was removed and stored as I went back to a stock 4-link setup.

Disclaimer: A few pieces were damaged during removal, and I kept the suspension all these years hoping to make it complete again, but I don’t think that will happen now as I’m trying to save $ for my daughter’s college fund.

I gave the exhaust system to the installer/remover as partial labor payment, so exhaust isn't included.

The crossmember is not included as it was damaged during removal.

The left and right frame brackets are included, but damaged (seen in right corner of my color photo). A few bolts and washers are missing too, but can be easily replaced.

The GNX diff cover was one of the early Kirban/Clark covers, as it still had the GNX logo before GM raised a stink and the logos were removed. It is in great shape with all bolts, and would pull several hundred dollars by itself though currently this is only a package deal, not selling the cover separately.

I’d sell the whole damn thing for $700 plus shipping, via paypal. It will take some know-how to recreate a few pieces, and you will need to rent the fixture to correctly install it.

But whether you fix it and weld it up yourself, or complete it with parts from Pete Hoffman or others, you could have a real GNX suspension for cheap.

I’d rather post here first and have it go to a good Buick home for less.




panhard bar

stiffhard bar

machined aluminum differential cover with a magnetic drain plug

tube axle bracket with clamp

ladder bar

bolts, nuts, and washers for installation

right frame bracket (incomplete)

left frame bracket (incomplete)


Frame crossmember where front of ladder bar mounts

2 rear coil spring perch extensions