6.1 TT Chip not Correcting for A/F?


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just installed my injector (80lb) and chip combo (6.1), but the car is running lean at WOT. I saw the BLMs were 140 so I changed parameter 4 to 140 and nothing changed. I've also tried 145 and in this log 155 and it hasnt seemed to make a difference. Still no where near the target A/F of 10.8. I also tried lowering it to 10.5 and logs look the same.

I do see that the MAF might be reading low? Does it need to be 255 for the ECU or Chip to request WOT fuel?

87GN, hot wire, 255 pump, 80lbs, 6.1 chip, TA 3" down pipe, stock turbo, stock MAF

Boost looks wavy, but I'm not sure if that is normal or not.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks


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Yeah your MAF reading is too low. The correction won't work, and param 4 won't work until get solidly over 220gr/sec. In general you should be seeing 255gr/sec by the time you get to 15psi or so.