5857 Journal Bearing Turbo .63 A/R, E cover


Tug Driver
Just like the title says. It has a couple of hundred miles on it. Wastegate hole is slightly ported (works with current oversize puck). HD actuator included.

$800 shipped.

Swapping back to the old turbo this weekend. Pictures will be available (if asked for) once I make the change.



Tug Driver
Going back

to a TA 49.
Converter is a restalled D5, 0 boost stall speed is 2350.

In journal bearing, this turbo really needs a tight 10" converter, IMO.

I know from past combinations that the 49 is the right turbo for my current converter.


Tug Driver
Comparison to the 49

IMO, the biggest difference between the two is the slower spool of the 58 wheel. When the boost comes in, it makes good power. i really can't comment on more top end. I don't know if there are enough out there yet for one-on-one comparisons.
For my car, I prefer the restalled D5 converter I have, and the combination with the 49 is what I prefer.
Nothing bad about the turbo at all. The combination just was not right for me, and I am going back to the combination I know.


Tug Driver
An interesting development

After posting about the slow spooling of the 5857, there has been a development...

The 5857 was replaced with a TA 49. Back to the original configuration, but after the engine rebuild with the new cam, mild head porting and a good 2.5 downpipe. After installing the 49, the spool was still very slow. Something was amiss. Seems as though the puck on the new ported elbow was hanging up a bit. Very difficult to see and diagnose. Resetting the puck took a bit of work.

Back to zipping around, with the typical 49 part throttle turbine flutter.

But now I have a spare turbo...

So I guess I will keep the 5857, for now.