#526 sells at BJ


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Doubt you will find much for $60K, high mileage or not. Theses cars are getting to be unobtanium. The car in this post was very well bought. I feel bad for the Seller who likely walked away with just under $85K after fees. I would have paid that in a heartbeat for a low mile X with jacket & book.


#526 with 1753 miles sells for $94k, $103,400 with fees. Jacket and book included.
Awesome deal.

I was wondering how much it went for I was there Friday and saw the car in person. It was roped off with other cars. On the passenger side door I saw a few dings when looking down the side, for that low of miles I was surprised to see that.

You also have to consider the sales tax you pay on top of that - 6K