5.3 GM Valve noise

I have old gm 5.3 with 225k miles. Good oil pressure. I’ve owned it since new always change oil 3-4k miles. Recently in the last 6 months of so I have heard a noise that sounds to come from the top of the motor like a valve or lifter noise. It happened a few weeks ago and again this morning. I googled and saw some say don’t screw with it as its just noise and nothing will happen. Some say to tear it apart. Others say to do an engine flush. Anyone have any experience with this issue? Seems to be a popular one. Thanks Chad
Easy enough to pull the valve covers; I'd look for anything obvious and check the torque on the rocker arms while i was in there. Maybe get a close inspection on the springs. I dropped a spring in my 4.8 and it sounded like a diesel when it was running. You may have a lifter going/gone bad... Then it's time for upgrades! :)
Before you pull anything from the engine check your belt tensioner. If the belt gets loose or the wrong belt was installed the tensioner can bounce and it will sound exactly like a lifter ticking. I've seen this 3 or 4 times now on Chevy's and Fords. If you have to, go ahead and remove the belt and start the engine. If this is the problem it will stop. Also could be the tensioner itself getting weak.
Thanks for the reply's. I will keep listening to it. Funny about the tensioner. Last winter I got a squeal noise a few times but both times i brought it to the shop for a listen it would not do it nor has it since last winter. The tech thought it might be the belt tensioner going out.


My 5.3 with variable valve timing was getting pretty loud valve tick at 130k. I had installed the Range disabler at around 60k. Anyways I ran a pretty high dose of Seafoam treatment for last 50 miles before changing oil on two back to back changes and it really quietned down the top end valve noise.