4t65e rebuild

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I'm entertaining the idea of turbocharging. Are there any 4t65 gurus? There are cars out there that run 10s. What needs to be done to the trans to make it live?

fast NY Six

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Ok thanks. Everyone talks about the 1” drive chain is necessary but some say the double 1/2” is plenty. I have a couple spare trans, I wanted to rebuild one.


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Sorry to just jump in on this thread.

Seems that Triple Edge is the choice for these transmissions.
Is there anyone in the NYC area that builds these?

Thank you


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Dave @ TEP is as good as it gets. Turbo 3800's break trans' fast if they are not done correctly. It will out cost almost anything else in your build.

The 4T65E-HPS4 package is pretty stout, but I think that still includes the 300m input shaft with the o-ring grove in it. If it does, I would ask to upgrade that too the no o-ring groove. They break at the groove. Also, the custom PI converter, get it in non-lockup and program that out in the ecm.

The GMR 1" chain is what you want, but the are running $3500-$4500 now-a-days. Good luck even finding one.

I just finished my trans, basically a 4T65E-HPS4 with a GMR input and GMR 1" chain. Going all out on this turbo build, so no expense spared. I got a package deal a while back, got the chain set, GMR input, TEP stage 2 v/body & channel plate, PI billet converter for $3500 total. Prices have soared since then. I have the tools & no-how to do my own, otherwise it would have been freighted back and forth.

I built my another trans built the same way, but has the 7/8" chain and the TEP no o-ring 300m shaft. I have not broken anything yet, while I am not sweating the TEP no o-ring shaft, the 7/8" chain will need to be changed as maintenance before it stretches too much.

I can not recommend TEP enough. You only need to have a local built trans fail one time, and it likely will with a turbo's 3800...to realize you wasted a bunch of money not paying for shipping to get it done right at TEP.

Good luck and have fun.