4L80E Install?

Has anyone put a 4L80E in one of our TTA's or any other 3rd gen? I've checked around and there are a few that have. Just looking for as much info as I can get. I'm stepping up in power and still want an overdrive that doesn't use TV for line pressure control. Electric shifting seems the best way to go. Especially if you have to peddle it.
Thanks for any help.
Jason, thanks for the reply. I guess I should have been more clear about what stepping up in power meant. The combo is going to be a 9.5 to 1 TA 274ci, SE heads and a 68/70 to get things started. Of course a fast system will handle the fuel, timing and shifting duties. I just picked up a 4L80E core. Things should get interesting in the fall.

Thanks for the Info.