4L80 shift kit


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I’m building a 4L80, this came out of a plow truck, and more snow is on the way. I ordered a TransGo shift kit, I got the small shift correction kit, without the spacer plate to dual feed. The guy is in a hurry to get it back, its his money maker. I have never done a dual feed on a 4L80, other than blocking the hole in the case and omitting the direct clutch center seal, is there anything else? I seem to recall reading that a couple checkballs need to be left out. Thanks!!

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I would just get a complete valve body from Lonnie at extreme automatics. He is the only one making them . It’s a badass billet piece that’s RVMTB with a Trans brake . Plus you don’t need any of the electrical BS . I personally like shifting the car it gives you something to do plus with a 4L80 you get a OD which is awesome imo .