#480 coming up for sale...

Wow just wow this is amazing. Def worth every penny. I'm so thankful you gave us first dibs, it be ashamed to see it at an auction. If i only cashed my gn in on that damn Bitcoin years ago I'd be at the front of the line lol for that ~Starts GoFundMe for GNX
I appreciate those who see the shame in a car like this with so few miles. I agree, cars are meant to be driven. However, when I found this one some 17 or so years ago, you bet I was excited to see that it only had 8 miles on it. There are plenty (ish) of these cars that can be drivers. Not this one. This one is a museum piece.
Would think that a car of this stature would be a little more pristine in the engine compartment on a vehicle that has only 8.5 miles: 1) Sticker @ A/C; 2) Sticker on intercooler.
I’ve got a 1987 TR with over 90k miles with the stickers in better condition? For $200k, imperfections like that are inexcusable and defintely not a “museum piece”...in my opinion.
Posey, I’m not here to start debates. Certainly plenty of opinions. Appreciate the evaluation of pictures, but a serious collector will see it in person and will certainly be pleased. Stickers are as from the factory. Regardless, time will tell it’s value and if someone is interested in owning it. I’m in no rush. At some point I’ll put it on eBay to see what kind of interest there is. I’d rather sell directly than through auction and pass that savings on to the buyer.
Thank you for the reply...understandable. Didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers or dog the car whatsoever, just making an observation. It is a rare and very nice machine. Good luck with your mission of finding the right buyer.
Thought you all might like to know that #480 is finally officially for sale. I listed it on BringATrailer yesterday...bids are coming in, and it will be fun to see where it ends up. There are many new/better pictures on that listing.

I have really enjoyed watching your car on BringATrailer this weekend! Beautiful, unbelievable car! Friday’s bidding should get interesting! I own the dyslexic brother to yours, #084. I too have been considering listing it on BAT, so I will be curious how the process works for you. While yours may be the lowest mileage GNX, mine may be one of the highest mileage at just under 50,000 miles. Good luck with the auction!
I think I may list my Gnx. I have 2k Miles, wonder what it’s worth
Considering there is an 88 miles GNX that’s been sitting on EBay unsold for $139K for quite some time now, I would say a whole lot less than $200K. X’s with 500 miles or less for $100K are plentiful and easy to find. I think the 8 mile car represents something unique in that it could be the lowest mile example out there making it an “only one”. That apparently adds a serious premium.


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I agree as there are plenty of sales at auctions and privately that have been at and below the 100k mark regularly the past couple yrs. There are also those that do more when someone just wants THAT car and has no budget . That's not me by the way ! lol


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Good for you. Prices for the GNX go up substantially the lower the miles. It will be a statute in someone's garage or living room (that is where I would put it) but probably one of the nicest statutes they would have.
On the plus side it might be the only Turbo Regal in existence that doesn't leak oil. But then again, probably not.
Wow 200,000! Not far off from #547. Honestly I did not think it would bring that much. My thought was closer to 150,000 tops but I guess mileage that low is a factor as opposed to a 5,000 mile car.