3 inch RJC downpipe


Lou's Automotive 949-378-1590
3 inch RJC down pipe new, $ 400.00 , Choice of straight or cut out style test pipe $175.00 plus shipping.


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My mistake in reading the ad as if you were selling the $400 RJC downpipe and the test pipe or cutout for $175 + shipping... Not as RJC down pipe for $400 and cutout or test pipe for $175 individually + shipping.
My sincere apologies for my misunderstanding your post - I will pass this onto the next forum member.


Lou's Automotive 949-378-1590
Parts back up for sale seems there was some confusion about the price I want $400 for the downpipe $175 in addition for either a cut out or Straight test pipe plus shipping Dimensions are 52 inches long and 9x9x9 Weight is 18 pounds please do your own research on shipping cost .


Lou's Automotive 949-378-1590
First of all I couldn’t find the proper box with the right dimensions and had to pay eight bucks just for the box thenThe quotes I got we’re UPS FedEx and USPS varied from $153-$84 US PS being the highest this box is rather long & Like everything else prices keep going up faster than I can keep track of . FYI these are quality parts not made in China and brand new and I’m asking a fair price for them .


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Royal dude, you're up ........

It’s all you TurboTJT - I was jumping in on the chance that Lou wanted the quick sale and was selling super duper cheap.... I’m ok. I’m still rockin the ATR for now.

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