3.8/4.1 L swap into 87 Monte Carlo LS


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Well the motor finally died on my 87 LS and was thinking about swapping in a 86/7 3.8L motor or perhaps find a 4.1L with the correct crank to be able to run a turbo. I know I will need the complete motor, harness etc. I once had a 84 SS with this drivetrain so I am somewhat aware of the effort involved (I did not do the swap). Just wondering how feasible this in terms of cost and ability to find the motor and all the associated parts. For instance I believe I will need the smaller heater/air box from a TR among other things.

Where would be the best place to get started looking for an appropriate block/harness? I have a BRF code transmission out of a 85 SS which I can use (as I assume the stock TH-2004r will be not worth the effort).

Thanks all in advance. Want to complete this project this winter.

Craig Gill

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The feasibly comes down to how much money you can put to the project and how far you are willing to travel to get parts. The best bet is to buy complete motor and engine harness or even a whole car for the swap. I did a transplant into a 1980 Monte Carlo and did not have to change the heater box.
Check the for sale forum on here and put ad in the wanted forum. Good Luck

Craig Gill

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Here's a picture of the car.


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