23 Row Bowling Green Custom SLIC


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I have a custom BGC stock location intercooler
$600 plus PayPal fees and shipping.






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Your making me feel old,since you posted this I'm trying to remember how heavy it was and i cant :)
I had one on my old 87 T. They are heavy, but work well. I picked up about 2 tenths by just swapping out the stock intercooler to the BGC unit.


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yes they are but ya need 2 people to hold the damm thing in place .. It's heavy.. Like their cast turbo elbow. ;)
I had one of their down pipes along with that HUGE elbow back in the day on my 87 T. Couldn't miss the HUGE BGC on that elbow, LOL. I spent more then a few bucks with BGC before they went to chit..........
I am interested in your intercooler if still available. Does this have a 2.5" inlet and outlet? Do the factory brackets work with this intercooler? (Minus the bottom one/modify grind original) Will the sway bar still fit?