2018 Turbo True Street Rules (5/22/18)

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Turbo True Street TTS

1. A heads up, 400th pro tree and pro ladder class.
2. No peer tech related to safety equipment.
3. Any vehicle is subject to being reinspected and/or weight rechecked after
final round of eliminations or at any time deemed necessary by the RRA.
4. Any entrant caught deliberately or attempting to break the rules or breaches
that violate the spirit of the competition will be disqualified.
5. All cars must enter the staging lanes under their own power.
6. Minimum vehicle weight is 3550 pounds including driver.

7. Full stock appearing interior. No race seats.
8. Aftermarket shifters and additional gauges allowed.

9. Full original steel body. No aftermarket fiberglass or carbon fiber body
panels allowed that replace steel.
10. Stock operating glass windows. No lexan allowed.
11. Stock original wheelbase measurement for your vehicle.
12. No external mounted gauges.

Tires and Wheels
13. Any matching set of four wheels required.
14. May use rear drag radials intended and designed for street/highway use.
No larger than a 275-60 sidewall designation.
15. No slicks allowed.

Transmission and Differential
16. Must use a 200-4R transmission.
17. Must use factory stock differential housing.

18. Factory stock suspension mounting locations required. No rod end
style suspensions.(5.20.18 change)

19. Any sway bar configuration/mounting okay.
20. Front sway bar may be removed.
21. No ladder bars or coil over suspension allowed.
22. Must use stock style coil springs.
23. GNX must have original GNX suspension.
24. TTA must use factory production stock k-member.

25. Any air to air intercooler allowed. Front mount may not extend below the
bottom of the stock radiator support. This does not include the pipes.
26. No external spray cooling or cold boxes allowed.

27. Must use factory style fuel tank with no external modifications in stock
28. No external fuel pumps allowed.
29. Factory location fuel pressure regulator required.
30. The use of nitros oxide is not allowed.
31. Alcohol injection is allowed. Must be injected into up-pipe near the
throttle body.

32. One 3 bolt factory located turbo with a maximum size compressor inducer of

66mm. Can use either a TA or E cover with a maximum of 3" inlet and
2" outlet. (5.20.18 Change)
*This turbo rule will require the tech of every turbo at each and every
event. Please be prepared for disassembly of any cold air components
for the measuring of the turbo as part of tech.

Engine and Engine Compartment
33. No distributor ignitions allowed.
34. No stage 1 or 2 iron or aluminum blocks allowed.
35. No stage 1 or 2 heads allowed.
36. Any production Buick V6 block that was available in passenger cars
from the factory allowed.
37. Factory intake manifold required. No external modifications for
performance enhancements allowed.
38. Factory type battery. Must be in stock location.
39. Radiator must be in stock location.
40. No manual brake systems allowed.
41. Engine and firewall must be in stock location.
42. Any car configured as a 86-87 Turbo Buick or 89 TTA must have all
factory installed heat and air conditioning components in proper location.

43. Any single or dual exhaust (3" maximum diameter) system that must
be muffled and exit in stock location.
44. Downpipe (3" maximum diameter) routed in stock location. Internal or
external wastegate system allowed as long as it is routed/dumped back
into exhaust system.
45. No flex pipes allowed.
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