2018 Dodge Demon


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I'm sure when they hit the streets there will be many people crashing them. I wonder where pushing the envelope for factory built speed for street cars will end? 9.8 is crazy fast.

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I just hope they really warn people about the drag radials in the rain,that is where the biggest problem is going to be, it looks like the Demon makes big tourqe at low rpm.
I think some of the nanny modes ( like maybe stability and traction control etc.) may kick in though, and possibly save the day in some circumstances.
Just don't drive on wet roads in " Track mode " like this guy,
Not sure how good his tires are but they don't look like drag radials,and it still goes sideways in 4th gear and low throttle.
Skip to about 4:20 to get to the accidental break loose.

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It doesn't only have 1 seat, You CAN buy the car with only the drivers seat OR for 2 dollars more it will have all it's seats.
It's supposed to run about a 10.0 on pump gas, so you still couldn't run it on an nhra track unless you put a cage in it, along with all the other safety requirements you need to run those numbers,just like any other car at that level.

Good to know on the seats. I do believe that this car does get the 10.0 "hall pass", so it'll be fine to hit test and tune in street trim. Plus, that 10.0 time is corrected. In my neck of the woods, I'll be expecting these to pull mid 10's on pump gas.