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This year should be interesting. My wife retired this year and one of the things she wanted to do was Speedweeks in Daytona. I've been to Daytona twice before, 1st when Dale Earnhardt won. She finally made up her mind July 2016 to retire January 2017. So I got on the horn and made arrangements for the motorhome in the infield for two weeks. I couldn't convince her to help in the driving, so I planned to stop and see Ray in SC to break up the trip on the way down. We camped at a Cracker Barrel after leaving Ray, got up the next AM and made it to FLA early next afternoon. We had res. at a campground near the track and relaxed for a day. The track opened at 1:00 or so, we headed over, got in and set up. We rented a car and ran around the area for the 1st week, Wed. the next week we returned the car and enjoyed all the track activity for the last week. We stayed Sunday night after the race, left the infield at 7:00 Monday am, made it home to Marietta PA at 10:00 pm Monday.
Anyway, not a big fan of the stage thing. It's no secret they are losing their fan base. But at a race, it's such an event. It's a great time, you meet so many nice people. Where we were parked, we just missed Jr. and his wife while we were across the street at breakfast. I saw Mike Helton most everyday. Shook hands with Joey Logano as he was leaving after the duels in his 442. Danica Patrick went by, Ryan Newman went by in what looked like a 55 Olds. It was all worth it, my wife had the time of her life and it was truly a great time. You can tell the Beverly Hillbillies hit the town!


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Sounds like a good time!
As a kid, I was at the last race on the beach, and my last race was when Smokey Yunick was active in the sport. Times have changed!