2014 THS results from the GS Nationals


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We had a dozen racers qualify. Here's how they stacked up at the end of qualifying.

1. Sean Hayes - 10.052 - 120.29
2. David Day - 10.176 - 134.87
3. Collin Hundley - 10.292 - 129.99
4. Patrick Hester - 10.369 - 130.51
5. Darrow Watts - 10.428 - 126.59
6. Patrick Broughton - 10.545 - 126.59
7. Chris Carnforth - 10.652 - 128.44
8. Mike Schwab - 10.710 - 125.81
9. Jason Jamerson - 10.901 - 123.00
10. David Barclay - 11.101 - 122.16
11. Jamie Wolcott - 11.185 - 118.66
12. William Avila - 12.440 - 108.69

1st Round

Unfortunately Sean Hayes hurt the motor in qualifying sending William Avila to the 2nd round

Chris Carnforth was unable to make the call so Patrick Broughton moved on

David Day Defeated Jamie Wolcott who's Hot Air appeared to be having some issues

Darrow Watts Defeated Mike Schwab in the best race of the round, I had no idea who it was gonna be till the win light popped

I hurt my rear end so David Barclay got the 3rd broke bye of the race

Patrick Hester was Defeated by Jason Jamerson

2nd Round

William Avila was Defeated by Patrick Broughton

David Day Defeated Darrow Watts

David Barclay was Defeated by Jason Jamerson


Patrick Broughton had a bye

David Day Defeated Jason Jamerson


David Day Defeated Patrick Broughton

I had a blast and I hope you guys all did too. Thanks to all the racers for coming out and if you guys can give me your times and any details for the round match ups I'd love to add all that stuff into this thread.


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Collin Thank you for posting up the results. I had a great time. Hope you get the rear end built and ready for some more boosting abuse!!


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That's the plan. Of course I tapped myself out getting it together and down there but I think getting it back together by spring should be feasible.

Glad you had a good time, I'm 100% ready to do it again as soon as possible.


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The hand written number is the race weight. 234ci, ported irons,6262 Turbo, 16" drag radials!


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Nice to meet you. Maybe next year I will give you a better race also if you want info or pics on my dash let me know.


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Nice to meet you. Maybe next year I will give you a better race also if you want info or pics on my dash let me know.
Same to you Dave!
Pics whenever you have time. Perfect Spring project.
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William Avila (The Buick Guy)
Next year I will be more prepared. That pass was the 1st pass on a new turbo. They would not let me do a test pass.