2011 BPG/TTA Nats, and Turbo Buick stories on SLTV!


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Just wanted to take a moment to thank all you guys who showed up and for those of you who have put on a great show at last weekend's BPG event in Hebron, Ohio. I had a great time, met some awesome folks, and got to check out some beautiful and very fast cars.

I've been a contributing writer for most of the Power TV online publications for over a year now, and some of you may have read my articles in the past. I have written a handful of stories regarding '80s Turbo Regals, TTA's, Syclones, and even one or two regarding the new 2011 Regal Turbo models.

These articles (save for the Syclone articles) would be found on our muscle car publication, Street Legal TV. But instead of making you guys take the time to dig them up, I have taken the liberty to share some of my work with all of you here, providing you with the appropriate links:

The recent tragedy of a 13-year old boy stealing a Camry, and hitting his 6-year old cousin, and eventually slamming into the side of a '87 GN. :(

Underage Driver Strikes Child, Totals ’87 Buick Grand National - StreetLegalTV.com

A look back on the original '85 GN commercial..

Video: Buick Grand National Commercial Is An 80?s Flashback - StreetLegalTV.com

The announcement of the Regal GS getting a full 270hp..

’12 Regal GS To Get A 15HP Bump Over The Concept?s Proposed 255HP - StreetLegalTV.com

The background story of the '89 TTA..

One Fast Bird: Looking Back At Pontiac’s ’89 Turbo Trans Am AE - StreetLegalTV.com

The background story on the Sy/Ty's..

Bowtie Breakthroughs: GMC?s AWD Turbo Syclone and Typhoon - ChevyHardcore.com

A "Saudi Syclone" pops up on eBay..

eBay Find Of The Day: ?91 GMC ?Saudi Syclone? - ChevyHardcore.com

For you old school Buick guys..

'66 Riv GS with 53k miles on eBay..

eBay Find Of The Day: Numbers-Matching ?66 Riviera GS With 53k Miles - StreetLegalTV.com

'70 Skylark GS 455 convertible gets a Hotchkis suspension upgrade..

Hotchkis Suspension Throws It?s Catalog at a ?70 GS 455 Convertible - StreetLegalTV.com

And last but not least, one of my first articles as found on LSX TV.com. A story discussing the topic of swapping out the Turbo 6 for LS motors in rare/special cars like the TR and Sy/Ty trucks..

LS Swaps into Rare Collectibles: Bad Ass or Bad Idea? - LSXTV.com

Obviously, I plan on writing many more, and I would love your feedback on these articles. I'm currently in the process of writing the story covering the 2011 BPG/TTA Nats, and would greatly appreciate your input, pictures, videos, and any additional info you would be willing to throw my way.

As both a fan and an owner of a Turbo Buick, I want this story to make all of you in the Turbo Buick community proud, so any additional help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Rick Seitz
Contributing Writer
Power TV



Thanks for your interest. I attended with a TTA. Made some passes and then cleaned up for the show. There are tons of pics and videos on turbotransam.com along with show winner results. If you need any other info PM me or the "father of this event" "phillyturbosix" here or on aforementioned site.