2008 Buick Lacrosse Super


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I've got a buddy who is thinking about getting one of these cars and was asking me if I know anything about them (apparently owing a T-type means I know all things Buick...lol)...

Does anyone have any experience with these cars? After reading the reviews I can understand why he is trying to get real world opinions because it didn't do so hot with the journalists.



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I've owned my Super since new and have 47K currently with no issues. The looks is either you love it or you hate it....the grille treatment is bold to say the least. I always get compliments on the cars classy appearance. I'll list the pros and cons.

- V8 rumble
- decent performance from a 300 hp FWD platform (torque-steer is barely detectable)
- handling enhanced by Bilstein shocks
- nice sound system and 6-cd changer
- comfy heated "Dreamweave" seats for long rides
- roomy interior with big trunk and split-fold rear seats
- rear-avoidance monitor
- factory auto-start
- exclusive (when did you last see one on the road?)
- sleeper effect:cool:

- takes premium gas
- 19 to 20 mpg on the highway (I've gotten 26 on a long trip)
- interior is a little dated for a newer car and small HVAC controls

One big issue that needs to be addressed is the 4T65E-HD trans. It was never meant to be coupled to anything larger than a 3800 Series II V6 (sorta like the 200R4 in the T-R). There have been owners that have had transmissions replaced due to lock-up clutch issues (friction material comes off and goes through trans).

Here's some old links from when I got the car.


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Ditto on the trans. If you don't hammer it daily, keep up on services it will be fine. Phil.


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I don't understand the trans issues. It is the same trans as a GTP. I had a GTP that ran low 13's, I beat the crap out of it and never had any problems. The Supercharged 3800 puts down more torque, quicker than the 5.3 especially with mods. Cool cars though.


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The Supercharged 3800 puts down more torque, quicker than the 5.3 especially with mods. Cool cars though.
LS4 5.3 V8 = 323 lb/ft, L67 V6 = 280 lb/ft. The little bit of torque make a big difference in longevity and lots of torque management tuned in to make to take the power.

Stock for stock the V8 will run 14.0-14.4 @100 vs 14.5-14.8 @96.

I'm not knocking the L67....I owned a 2000 GS that I loved dearly, but the LaCrosse beats the pants off of it everyday.


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Thanks for the info guys..appreciate it. Guess that car fell through for the guy though so now he is looking at a 2007/2008 LaCrosse CSX. Specifically looking at Oil consumption

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Yup the GM 5.3 has oil consumption probs if you go by the oil life monitor. They can eat 1-2 qts every 2k miles. Gm does have several buletins to address which I perform daily:). Best advise change oil at 3k and should not be an issue. 5.3 is still a good motor. If he buys one the eats oil get it fixed under the 5yr/100000 powertrain warranty(my friend) or if its out go to a dealer and ask about goodwill they should cover it...if not let me know.