Installed a freshly redone 2004r behind my sbc . trans was from an 87 mcss. this was suppose to go into a car with 3.73 gears. i ended up using it in a car with a 4.10 rear. what gear will i need to get my speedo cable to be calibrated correctly? where can i source it?


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Well you're probably in luck because it likely already has the green 10 tooth governor gear in it. Remove speedometer bullet and peer in the hole and see if the gov gear is green. To calculate driven gear you'll need tire diameter etc and is best to use a calculator like the one posted above.
i used the calculator. it comes out to a 30.59 . summit has a 30t for $16 . i am going to call tci tomarrow to see if they suggest the 30t 0r 31t. thank you guys for the help.