2000 camaro parts on an 87 GN?

i am looking at a 2000 camaro with a bad motor for parts for $500. I plan on using the front seats and radiator. I have heard some people have used the rear springs as replacements to cut down for lowering. What other parts will work on our cars? Any suspension parts, brake parts, etc?


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how hard was it to use these brakes ? what is required to make the change ? I want to do this as the stock setup sucks ? thanks
Hi, sorry for the late response. I am on my way out the door right now, but will email you this evening with all the details. It`s not hard to do, just takes some time but well worth it. - Robert


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I did the swap. Not that difficult but it is a little time consuming and involved. Big difference though. Helps if you know someone that has access to a brake lathe. I think I bought the brackets from TexasT.
Here are some installed pictures with slotted drilled rotors,and brake line made by a local hose manufacturer made fore me. I didn't have to alter anything , just clean and paint.. I got the parts for the change over from Jeff in parts for sale.