200 shift????

I have a beautiful ‘86- 47k miles. It’s an amazing factory survivor. 0mods and there won’t be any. Now to what I think is a problem. The transmission shifts quickly, well quicker than I thing it should. When you apply gas to accelerate it will not down shift and then bam! It downshifts and hauls balls. As much as I love driving my car, this is kind of a pain in the ass. Would this be a governor spring issue? And linkage issue? How can I fix this??? Thanks in advance guys


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Sounds like the lockup solenoid in the transmission is stuck on. Could be mechanical or electrical. It's common for them to stick closed. It may need replacing. It's easy to do.


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Is this a car you've owned a long time and noticed different manners all of a sudden or is it a recent acquisition you're curious about?