1st gen F body

Buckshot G/N

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TRULY MAGNIFICENT !!! Hey if you're
quarantine or safe & shelter * whatever you called it * . Maybe your neighbors would appreciate some different type noise instead of there families racket.

1986 Buick GX1

GX1 #001 [The One and Only]
I did a center exit exhaust on my ‘94 Cutlass vert years ago and love the look.

The tips you chose really suit the car well. I hope it sound as great as it looks.

Scott Atk

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Game changer for me with no intercooler. I successfully tested MS3 Pro control of my Razor / ALKY Control dual nozzle methanol kit. The MS3 really is amazing. With this one box, I've eliminated the ignition module, the boost controller, and the ALKY controller. Now the tuning really gets going.
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It looks fine but why not keep them guessing. They'll never expect to see what's under the hood when you lift it. Got beat by a V-6.
Why NOT brag BIG TIME "You jus' got beat by a V6 ?"

Just asking,

Wimpy mother F'rs........ Shoulda throwed a lil' mol money at that lame "big time" LXS V8........huh? Whoops......
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