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I bought an ECM from him awhile back and within a month or so had issues that I didn't correlate as an ECM problem because I had just replaced it.

After awhile and many parts changes I came back to the ECM.

After asking TY if I could buy another ECM and maybe if he could give a reduced price on it because the one he sold me didn't last that long and me not expecting any kind of warranty he surprised me with an offer of a total free replacement.

He shipped it out and I got it in two days. It fixed the problem and all I can say is, thanks TY for going above and beyond for sending me an ECM on your dime including shipping and giving me a warranty when I didn't expect one.

I just wanted to share this experience with everyone because there are many good members on this board and a few who are great.

Most may think it's not that important, especially on an old electronic part that normally wouldn't come with more than a thirty day warranty at best, but I have to post this to show how much I appreciate that he stood behind a product that he could easily have said : it shipped out working and I'm sorry but there is no warranty on electronic parts especially if not new.

Thanks again TY.