1987 Turbo T Limited 87K Reduced to $12,495 Last reduction


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WHAT????? You still have this for sale??? WOW, I'm a bit baffled why this hasnt sold yet. There was a guy in the GN tech on Facebook looking for one, just a heads up.
If I had my barn built, it would be on its way to a new home.
Good Luck dude, hope you finally get it sold.


sold local...or i should say, stolen, at the price i let it go for, ridiculous how montes and gutless cutless' go for more money.


I believe it went up to about $10,500 on ebay, and didn't meet reserve.

I would hope more than that.

nope, thats where it ended....got sick and tired of people asking/starting at 9k or less, especially since most had no clue what they were even looking at. If i wasn't trying to start a buisness i would of pulled this car off the market months ago and kept it. Unfourtante sacrifice.