1987 Turbo Engine, Transmission, Chassis and more for sale

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Jan 28, 2021
1987 Buick Regal Turbo T - Chassis, Motor, Transmission, Rear End, Suspension, turbo, radiator, etc. See Details below:

Purchased complete 1987 Buick Turbo T car in April. Doing a complete resto-mod which is being built toward a Pro-Touring type car. I am having a new chassis with all the related components being built by Roadster Shop. Once I decided to go with a new chassis with new suspension and brakes it seemed logical to go with a new engine, transmission, etc. As a result, I am selling the existing engine, transmission, chassis, and related components.

Engine - 109 Buick Turbo block: Stock rods, pistons, crank. I believe the cam to be an older Reed 210/205 flat tappet. Ported Champion iron heads, ARP head studs. T&D roller rockers.

Turbo - Turbonetics Cheetah Stage 1 turbo

Intercooler: Precision Air-to-Air intercooler

Fuel system: Injectors - 80lb injectors, stock fuel lines, aftermarket fuel tank, DW 300 pump, the engine is setup for E85 ONLY. The pump has a hotwire kit, there’s a volt booster, too.

Computer - stock ECU with extender chip.

Radiator - G Body parts aluminum radiator with dual electric fans

Suspension: Mostly stock. Competition Engineering adjustable shocks up front (Currently set to 90/10 setting). UMI boxed UCA’s, UMI Lower Control Arm relocation brackets, air bag in the passenger spring, QA1 single adjustable shocks in the rear.

Rear End: Stock rear end, Detroit Truetrac.

Transmission: 200-4R with Extreme Automatics Stage 2 upgrade, Husek 3021HF converter.

Chassis: Stock in very good condition. Appears to only surface rust except in one location, Extremely clean for its age.

Wheels: Weld RTS wheels with Mickey Thompson drag radials

The engine had a light tune from Brian Lorenz in Cleveland, Ohio area a few years back. I have the dyno sheet from the prior owner. The engine made 419/560 with only minor fueling tweaks on Lorenz’s dyno at ~23psi. The ignition (stock type) has been replaced since then and will run at 25psi.

If you’re looking to get into turbo Buicks, this is a great way to go. Even if mostly what you need is the engine/ transmission, it is ready to roll onto a trailer for easy transport.

$7,500 or best offer. If you price everything out it will cost you twice that to buy all these pieces. Not looking to separate but for the right price might be willing to do so. No trades. Serious Inquires please.

Call/text Chris at (513) 325-8440.

Engine intercooler side front.jpg
Engine from passengers side.jpg
Right Rear Suspension.jpg
Gas Tank.jpg
Left Rear Wheel and Tire.jpg
Engine still in car.jpg


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    Engine from drivers side.jpg
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Oct 31, 2007
Have you considered selling the whole car & using a standard Regal instead?


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Jan 28, 2021
Yes I did. But could not find a standard Regal in the kind of condition this Regal was in. Plus, project has evolved as I got into it.


Aug 29, 2008
I am interested in the gas tank. You list it as an aftermarket gas tank. Can you tell me who makes it? Also, can you please send me a few pictures of the other side. The side that is visible when installed.

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