1987 GN for sale, 11s on stock turbo


Winter is pretty much here and I want to sell the car before first snow so I can get my other car in the garage. I am lowering the price one final time in the hopes to sell it soon. I will not lower the price any more, so don't ask. I am not taking deposits, the first one to give me money has it.

Also, as expected there are little things here and there on the car that could be replaced to make the car perfect. But at this price, don't think about complaining as its a heck of a car and a great deal.

As a bonus, I found the original owners packet for the car that has the owner's manual, service schedule guide, Goodyear tire brochure, and a couple other things. This will be included with the car in addition to the window sticker that I showed a picture of earlier in the thread.

New price: $10,900

DANG!!!!! ok i need to go sell the old lady she takes all my money..lol....... shoot...good price. hey no power windows works for me.....


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He knows my offer so if its here next week I will have the car shippied to me soon. If he accepts of course:wink:


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Is there anybody near where this car is that could go and take a look at it for me as I am in Florida? Scott are you in Oceanport, NJ?


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LOL, nothing like some freindly competition. Although im a lot closer than you are. Hehehe. :tongue: We could race there. :wink: