1987 buick t-type *show*/street/race rolling body!!!


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Pictures cannot capture how this car looks in person!
I am the second owner of this solid rust free Buick that i purchased in
December of 2002. This car came with a 200r4 BRF valve body, 8.5 rear, bucket seats, floor shifter, digital dash, rear window defrost, aluminum bumpers. As the engine goes, it was a v8 option 307 olds. My original plans were to build a show/ street car with the 3.8 s.f.i turbo engine. Thats where the project started. I removed the drive train and dissasembled the whole car including windows, weather stripping and mouldings. Then it went off to the paint and body shop August of 2003. Basic color change and light bodywork started off at $5500. First step that they did was remove all the paint with paint stripper including the firewall. Then all the metal was sanded down and sealed with PPG over metal treatment/sealer. As this process was taking place, i decided to modify the body and get it as light as i can so that i wouldnt need a great amount of horsepower to make it a fun street car. I started off with contacting Race Car Builders Of South Florida and spoke to Anthony about my plans. We ordered a one piece fiberglass front , lift off/ pin on stock style Grand National hood, bolt on stock appearing fiberglass trunk, and rear fiberglass bumper from GLASSTEK (they have been in business for over 25 years and are known for having the best quality fiberglass products in the U.S). Then i went ahead and had them reinforce and fabricate the front so that it would be as sturdy as steel fenders and be removable. While there, i had a custom 6 point cage installed and was told that it was certified and will pass all inspections. The 6 point cage was installed with all plastic interior panels and door panels for a custom fit. I sat in it while they measured the height of the bars that come down by the doors so that it would be at a comfortable height to get in and out with ease. The rear bars that usually go straight through the back seat were bent to run along the headliner and then come down into the rear speaker deck. From there it went back to the paint shop where things got expensive.

Fabrication and mods:
Starting off with the front, it was made for sticker lights and a sticker grill. I wanted it to appear as if it were completely stock so i brought my original header panel which was then modified and molded into the front like if it was made from GM. Same goes for the grill. Sounds easier said than done!! Headlights are aftermarket but have an original appearance from the outside, not like the cheap clear ones that are available for these cars. Bumper parking lights were fitted and installed. They are clear lens parking lights with H.I.D bulbs already installed. Original amber lights are available also.

Roll cage: The custom 6 point cage was taken down to bare metal. All the joints and welds were filled and smoothened out, followed by sealer and primer.

Hood: The fiberglass hood was blocked down to the front nose so that everything would be perfectly leveled when fastened down.

Firewall: Factory AC box was removed and replaced with a thick gauge metal plate that was welded in. All accessory holes for the wire harness were welded closed. The factory dent/ crease in the firewall where the coil pack sits infornt of was cut out and a metal hoop was welded in for a custom look. Everything that required cutting and welding metal was treated on front and back surfaces with PPG over metal sealer. The holes for the throttle cable, steering shaft, brake booster and speedometer cable were not modified and left alone. The window wiper motor and brakets were removed and flushed as well. Also the cowl induction weather strip plate that was removed when the ac box came off was fabricated to look like if it came from the manufacturer like that(not like the square ones available today). All prep work was done down to the seam that joins the firewall to the floor boards.

Doors: Key holes and handles removed and replaced with metal.

Rear fillers were joined and fiberglassed to make the one piece.

Rear tail lights were in mint condition with no sun damage or cracks in the lens. They were tinted very lightly so that the parking and brake lights show clearly.

All trimmings/ mouldings were restored to original condition.

Front windshield has been replaced with a new one., also front and rear window trimming clips have all been replaced with original GM clips.

Interior: It is not complete being that i never got started on it how i had originally planned. Everything was taken to an interior/ upholstery shop and dyed in black. I paid to get this done to put the interior in it to complete the inside of the car so that i can list it for sale. It was suppose to be all black suede but looks great and cost alot less than re doing everything in suede. I also have the center console that was in the process of getting fiberglassed which i was going to have painted to match the roll cage.

Mirrors: I removed the factory rear view mirrors and replaced them with original 1988 Monte Carlo SS mirrors which gave it a more aggresive look.

This car was taken down to bare metal with liquid paint stripper and not blasted which warps the metal. All seam sealer was replaced with 3M Automotive and Joint Sealer that is equivalent to the original sealer that GM used. On the parts & body, NO EXPENSES WERE SPARED!!!! Same goes for the paint and clear which is all made by House Of Kolor. EVERYTHING was wetsanded and buffed even down to the rocker panels.

After years of working on this project, I have about $12-13,000 in paint and modifications. Not including all the parts ordered from Glasstek and the labor to get it installed by proffesionals! Anyone that has dealt with fiberglass before, knows what it takes to make it fit perfect and get it straight as glass! With the economy the way it is, I am looking to get less than half of what i currently have into it. I am asking $8500 o.b.o!! I'm sure ive missed out alot of details. If you are SERIOUS about finding out more and have some questions, feel free to email me at HIGHPSIRACING@AOL.COM and i will gladly answer any questions. Below is a estimate of what it cost to build this car to the point its at now. I do not want to part with this but i have other priorities now. Thanks and God Bless!

Price of vehicle: $6000

Front clip: $1500+
Hood: $450+
Trunk: $450+
Rear bumper: $300+
Alum. supports: $100 = $2800 in parts from Glasstek

Race Car Builders Of South Florida (772-219-9917 Anthony)
6 point custom cage: $1000+
Front clip install: $1800+
Hood install: $250+
DZUS fasteners: $100 = $3150 in labor

Total of $11,950 (at the least) NOT INCLUDING PAINT AND BODYWORK











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When the car was finished getting painted, i let it sit inside of a warehouse for close to a year. Then it got wetsanded and buffed.





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Wow...lots of labor in that one....good pics to highlight the workmanship too! That's no "splash and dash" paint job. Good luck with the sale.
The pumpkin II. Sweet lookin ride good deal! I kinda like the bright orange with the blackout trim.. wonder how many woulda ordered it back in 87 if they could :biggrin: Nice work and Good luck



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Wow...lots of labor in that one....good pics to highlight the workmanship too! That's no "splash and dash" paint job. Good luck with the sale.
Yes it took alot of years and dedication to look like this! Thanks!

Is going to be a really nice car
If finished the right way.:biggrin:

The pumpkin II. Sweet lookin ride good deal! I kinda like the bright orange with the blackout trim.. wonder how many woulda ordered it back in 87 if they could :biggrin: Nice work and Good luck


Oh sorry. I was skimming. $8500 is still a good deal.
Price is negotiable.