1987 Buick Grand National WE4 (Turbo 6.0)


1987 Buick Grand National WE4 (Turbo 6.0)
Year/Make/Model: 1987 Buick Grand National WE4

Location: Metro Detroit

Price: 14K OBO, or trades for Nice DD plus Cash

Mileage: n/a

Actually a blacked out Turbo-T. More rare than the GN in 1987.

Body needs paint, its pretty chipped up and scratched and the paint is checked bad on the trunk and roof. No real rust though other than on the doors. everything else is pretty solid. Would make an excellent sleeper as well

Car also has a 75mm turbo 6.0l LSX with a 4l80E and ford 9" rear end. tune is pretty good for a daily, but its never been tuned on the rollers. according to torque management im making like 580 ft lbs and 609 hp at the crank
Car runs HP tuners, also has manual brakes and manual rack and pinion steering. Very sneaky on the street.

14k obo

pics - Pictures by Grrh77 - Photobucket

heres a vid of it as well, tires were cold so it wouldnt launch, but as you can see, once it gets going, it really gets going. i reeled this guy in and beat him by the end of the race

YouTube - race at lapeer 2

The body itself is in very good shape, only rust being on the front bottom corners of the doors like every g-body, and a few small dents here and there. The paint is original and checked on the top areas, but still intact. The front bumper support was cut and the rub strip removed, but no holes have been filled on the bumper.
Since 120k miles, it has undergone a major overhaul.
The body was removed, and everything on the bottom was cleaned, blasted and painted with POR-15. The frame was boxed, and blasted, painted with POR-15.
Poly body bushings, UMI tubular rear control arms, and full front suspension overhaul. Also a TRZ rack and pinon steering was added. In the rear, a new Quick Performance 9" was put in place with a spool, all new internals, 31 spline Moser axles and 1/2" wheelstuds, a 3.07:1 gear and 11" disk brakes.
For the drivetrain, a 2002 LQ4 6.0L was bought with 60k miles, and i made mounts and a crossmember to put it in. Everything under the hood has been cleaned and painted and looks unbeleiveable. I made a turbo system with a facotry manifold, and a stainless log manifold on the pass side. This feeds into a Borg Warner S400 turbo, 75mm, and is controlled by a 60mm wastegate. Heres a parts list for the engine and drivetrain:
6.0L LQ4, 9.4:1 compression
Lunati 224/224-112 .565 camshaft
7.4" Lunati pushrods
Pro Products Typhoon intake
65# Mototron injectors
HP Tuners 2-bar Speed Density tuning
4l80-E trans, fresh fluid and filter
Fuddle 3200 10.5" converter
3" steel driveshaft
9" rear, 31 spline with lightened spool
3.07:1 gears
Moser Axles
1/2" wheelstuds
11" rear disk brakes
Borg Warner S400, 75mm turbo. 1.32 A/R turbine
60mm wastegate set at 9psi
New fuel tank and 255 walbro pump
1/2" fuel feed, with -8 AN braided hose
3/8" return with -6 AN hose
Pro Products FPR with liquid filled guage
4" downpipe
4" exhaust out the back with 2 Dynomax race bullets
Stainless Steel brake lines with new hoses
New manual master cylinder
Stock rims, also 8.5" wide T-Type rims

In the interior there has been little done so far. The headliner is shot, but the seats and dash are in very good shape.

This spring the dash was removed and the firewall was coated with a heat/sound barrier. Also the dash and heater box/ducting had sound insulation applied to them.

Took the car to the strip in late november. GN was trapping 127-128 consistently on 93 octane. drove there and back and averaged 24mpg the whole day


bump...212 views and not one reply?...is my price too high?

this is best offer btw. no reasonable offer refused


redid the steering, engine wiring, rewelded the rear axle in the correct position to fix high mph vibes vibe. Got it tuned. Replaced headlights with HIDs. New tires, and bought alot of body parts in order to fix stuff in the future to make it a clean, straight body. id love to keep it, but im losing my license for a year and it doesnt make sense to keep it around sitting while i pay it off


You couldnt build this car, or any GN this fast for thie price im asking, unfortunately, its a buyers market, credit is tight, and people are holding on to the spare coin right now, its probably the deal of the century for somebody. ill probably just have to put it up on ebay

I don't think your price is too high considering all the work it would take to do this conversion from scratch.


Heres a link to the pics of the rest of the car for the people who cant seem to find them in the other link.

87 Buick GN turbo LS2 pictures by Grrh77 - Photobucket

This things got about 48 more hours of forum time before it hits ebay and I bump the price. Probably shouldve done this a long time ago. We had a couple warm days up here and I took it out yesterday, Started right up on the first crank and ran fine. Shes ready to go.