1987 Black Regal with T package non turbo 307 HOW MANY PRODUCED


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Your amusement is noted.

The fact is, the OP in his original post stated "plan was to do a LS swap" but then he second guessed himself thinking what he already had might be worth something. Many opinions followed, some saying put an LC2 in it.

Why is that so amusing?

To hear all the interweb "guru's" that are able to type the letters "L" and "S" next to each other say it, any old LS motor swapped into any old 1970's to 2010 GM (or Ford) car will run low 10's on the street, easy... all for practically zero dollars invested.:confused:

Now that, THAT is amusing. :D;):D
As I stated, it is ironic people find it to be blasphemy to put a LS in a car that came with an LC2, but ANY other G body is game on. And furthermore, I most likely have far less $$$ in my turbo LS setup than anyone with an Buick V6 nipping on 8s in a full weight G body. The most expensive part of the whole deal was the Holley EFI and the injectors. And I'm betting a nice set of Champion heads would cost as much as I have in my ECU and injectors.

So you can be skeptical of the LS game all you want, but they flat work. But I'm no internet guru. I'm just some hack down in Alabama that likes playing with G bodies.


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OP- Way cool car BTW. Glad to see you stuck with Oldsmobile power. I keep playing with the idea of putting a 403 in my 442, but the older I get, the harder it is for me to take one apart that runs. You did a very nice job on the swap.


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As I stated, it is ironic people find it to be blasphemy to put a LS in a car that came with an LC2, but ANY other G body is game on. .

This is simple, the LC2 is an awesome motor. And as such many people buying a Turbo Regal want to know it's an original car and are willing to pay extra. All other G-body motors pretty much suck and no one cares. So if doing an LS swap, why start with an LC2 car when there are so many other G bodies out there begging for a better motor? Simple, not ironic.
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Back when I was in high school a kid I went to school with, his dad had an 87 regal v6 blackout package, went to see it once. Had t tops and painted bumpers, grey interior, aluminum wheels, it was a factory non turbo car. I remember it not having front air dams. His dad was a car salesman said someone ordered it wanted the look but not the speed. I have personally never seen another one


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Well, I hope the OP gets whatever it is he is looking for from the car. Looks like he's well on his way to his goal.
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Remember back in the day when the 400 sbc was the hot ticket!
That's what I would put in it!!!,with a nasty set of 15 degree heads and a solid roller that would spin to the moon!!

Did that with a very similar car 400cid/THM400 combo. '87 T with Olds 307... probably 10 years ago. Car had 8" holes in the floors and toasted frame rails, she ended in the crusher. The 400 Engine and trans went into my buddys 80 camaro.