1986 Grand National - 87K orig miles


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I am selling my 1986 GN with 87751 orginal miles. I am wanting a LS1 car, so I have to let one of my other toys go. So here are the details.

Car has not been modified except for new Hooker exhaust, A-pillar boost guage, adjustable waste gate, and K&N conical filter setup. Car is very strong and drives very nice. Very reliable and all orginal, has not been raced all the time or ragged out, so no body twisting!!! Does not smoke or use oil!

Digital Dash
Power Ant (still works, as well as the radio and tape player.)
Pwr Everything

The good and bad:
I have replaced all gaskets including: Valve Covers, Intake, Valley Pan Gromlet, Oil Pan, and Rear Main seal. Very strong engine with no problems, does not leak anything and is dry... Turbo is orginal Garret, and is in great condition and spools quick, up to 15psi. Motor has not been cracked open and messed with at all, infact, it was very clean and no metal flakes or sludge was found in the oil pain when it was taken off. The tranny is great condtion, and I have had the filter and fluid changed, no metal found there either, very clean! Radiator has been recored and car runs cool.

Everthing works except window washer pump and cruise control is sporadic. I had a new heater core put in and AC works good, had it converted last year.

No rust on the car or undercarriage, it has the undercoating,, but, the drivers door does have rust but I have a GN door to replace it (door is nice with glass in it as well, just mount and paint). Everything else is solid and no surface rust. Car was in a wreck in 2003, but it was not serious and there was no frame damage (I had it inspected), eventhough CarFax says there was, which really makes me mad, because when I bought the car, the CarFax was completely clean (I have the print-out), I just didn't feel like jumping through hoops. I know what the car is, and stand behind it 100%.

The interior is near perfect, the best feature of the car. Very clean and well kept, only bad spots is cracking steering wheel (sun and age) and 1 hole in the drivers seat about the size of an erasor head. Car is a non-smoker, and the hole was created from the inner spring pushing up in the top corner. See Pics. T-tops are in good condition (cracked spot under on plastic cover on pass side, not visible though) and the headliner is perfect.

The body is very nice and straight. Bumper fillers are perfect. Paint is okay on the sides and back, but the hood, roof, and mirrors are fading and begining to spider web, because of age and sun. It will need a paint job, orginal paint is showing its age, but it sill looks good from 5-ft. The 3.8 emblems on the hood are missing the 3.8, but I have 2 new ones OEM in the box. T-tops don't leak under rain, but the windows will leak under car wash pressure. The car has brand new Tires and shocks, only 1K miles on them. Wheels are in great condition, no rust and curb rash, but the lugnut chrome covers are coming off on a few, not a big deal.

Again, this car has been really taken care of over the years and all it really needs is a paint job to be show ready. I am asking $9500.00 for the car, and I feel it is well worth this, since these cars are going up in value everyday. I might be interested in trades, if you are close to Western, KY, and have a F-body of some sort in good condition. I have put in a new CD player since I have been driving it alot lately, but I will want a little more if you want this with the car. Car is ready to cruise anywhere!












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Make me a close offer? Car is really tight. Good brakes and power steering. Oh yeah, glass is perfect! Get in, and drive anywhere. :cool:


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I drove it today and got a few compliments while sitting at the gas station. Forgot how much stir these cars bring up. :cool: :D :cool:


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jspeed86 said:
Last Bump.....

I drove it today and got a few compliments while sitting at the gas station. Forgot how much stir these cars bring up. :cool: :D :cool:
nice car,and it will sell ,guarantee for the good price your asking