1986 GN, lots of mods, t-tops, cage etc.


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There is some history with this car and some of you may actually know the former owner/builder. I am the 3rd owner of this car since 2007 and have owned it since October of 2008. So you can have some background on the car, I'm going to repost the original thread where Randy Greenoe was selling it here. I bought it from the guy who bought it from Randy, who only owned it for 4 months. This was the original thread:


Here is a list of mods this car has had and some other information that Randy provided about the car.

"1986 Buick Grand National engine and transmission have approximately 2500 miles on them.

Car was a former “car of the month” on GN-TType.org. After we purchased it we started the modifications and body and paint work. The car has been under construction off and on and off again for almost 7 years. The car does have a rebuilt title. It was stolen from the original owner, stripped of all the interior, T-tops, and wheels. I do have a couple of pictures of the car when it was purchased from the Insurance Company.

The following have just been done and have less than 100 miles.

Eastern Performance 4” Mass Air Pipe

Boosted GN Cold Air Intake

PTE 54 Turbo with Polished Compressor Housing

Casper Ground Stretcher and Hot Wire Kit

Tony DeQuick V2 Intercooler

B & M Super Cooler Trans Cooler

Ramchargers Dual Fans

P.T.S. 3200 – 3400 9-11 Converter

HR Parts – Urethane Left and Right Motor Mounts

HR Parts – Urethane Trans Mount

Terry Houston 3 inch Stainless Down Pipe

ATR 3 inch Stainless Single Shot Exhaust

Prothane Body Bushings from the Front Bumper to the Rear Bumper, including the GNX Bushings

AccuFab 70 mm. Throttle Body

Hemco Race Plenum

AccuFab Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator

Magnecor 8 mm Plug Wires

Champion Ported and Polished Intake

Erson 200 – 200 Cam

Adjustable Push Rods

ATR Driver Side Header and Crossover

Kirban Chrome Alternator

Cotton’s Performance Valve Covers and Breathers

G.M. Oil Cooler Lines

G.M. Power Steering Hoses

AC Delco Coil Pack & Module

AC Delco Knock Sensor

RJC Billet Crank Pulley

Kirban Overdriven Water Pump Pulley

Rebuilt Master Cylinder and Booster

LS1 Mass Air Sensor and Translator

Walbro 340 Fuel Pump

Hurst Line Lock

BMI Upper and Lower Control Arms

Air Lift Air Bags

Competition Engineering 50/50 Shocks

Kenne Bell Hood Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge

Autometer Gauges – Air Fuel, Egt, 30 lb. Boost, Trans Temp, Oil Temp Gauges, Scanmaster

Body stripped to bare metal.

Epoxy primed and 3 coats of Chroma Premier Base Coat and 5 coats of Chroma Premier Clear.

I have pictures documenting the paint process.

All new GM T-Top Seals and Weather Stripping."

He stated that the mileage was appoximately 109k at that time and it now has 133k on it.

Here are a few things that are new or no longer on the car. The tach is gone. It way too big and I never looked at it anyway and never took it to the track one time. I also rarely got on it. lol I added an AFR digital gauge since I don't really like the one that came with it. I wanted an actual number I could look at instead of a series of lights that bounce around a lot. The wheels and tires have been replaced by Weld Drag Lites front and rear. Rear tires are 295-50-15 fronts are 265-50-15. The ATR 3" muffler has been replaced by a 2-1/2" Dynomax Turbo. The rest of the system is still 3" and also has a cutout. It has a dual nozzle Alky Control system with a chip to match. The chip is designed to be run with 91 octane. I also have another chip for it with more timing to be used with race fuel. I have powder coated some of the stuff under the hood as well as adding a heat shield that was not present when I originally purchased the car. I have mostly driven this car to car shows and cruise nights. Very rarely did I ever drive it just to drive it. My wife and I may have taken it out a few times for special occasions, but that's about it. Most of the mileage it has accrued over the last 6 years are highway. I attended almost 20 car shows per summer for the first 3 or 4 years. However, I only drove this car about a half a dozen times in 2014. It literally sits in my basement garage under a car cover. The paint is still nice. I've tried my best to keep this car in the same condition it was in when I purchased it. The interior is starting to show some wear, but mostly on the divers seat and door panels. There aren't any rips or tears though.

I'm asking $15,500 and I'm fairly firm on that price. This is a very nice car inside and out and the mods pretty much say it all.

There are some pics of the car from the original ad placed here, but I'll add some with the new tires and rims. The car will need new rear bumper fillers for sure. Any other photos can be requested and probably responded to within a day. Car is in Kansas. Thanks for looking.


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Updated with engine compartment pics and a short video of the car idling. Hard to believe no one wants to open up any dialogue.......this is a NICE car.



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