1985 SFI Turbocharged Riv - whole for parts


I'm been toying with the idea of selling this car for a while, and I think its time for it to move on. I parked it in storage going on 2 years ago now (it has been regularly/periodially started and run by family members however) and simply put, I know I'm never going to get around to doing much with it. The car is parked in Massachusetts, but I dont live anywhere even remotely close to it.

It is a 1985, has a clean title, somewhere in the lower-mid 100k range, I want to say in the 140s. Had lots of highway miles and was formerly owned by an airforce officer who brought it all over the country with him. It had been repainted at least 5 years ago, and I know he had the drivers side fender replaced due to a rust spot at that time with one from arizona.

Optional equiptment I know the car has:
alum frt bumper reinforcement, electronic climate control, stock turbo 3.8 engine, digital dash with trip odometer and low fuel warning, 8 speaker bose stereo system, auto-dim mirror, power trunk release, power trunk close, pw/pdl/pseats (both sides), power mirrors, auto leveling suspension, std
t-type package with the steering wheel and all the rest, rear defog, entry
lighting, auto-lock/unlock doors when put into drive/park, and whatever else I am forgetting like twilight sentinel I *think* it has etc.

Very Very Long Description of Condition of the car (anything I know, YOU KNOW):
Has been regularly started since stored, and within the last 5k miles or so has had tons of work put into it by myself and the PO. The a/c works: new relays
for electronic climate control as well as the actual head unit were replaced with new parts. The engine runs well and has always been stock with uncut wastegate, factory size injectors, etc. Transmission shifts fine and is an overdrive unit, and other new parts put into the car include new gas
tank, new (correct for digital dash) fuel senting unit.The bumpers are faded with some light pitting in the chrome. Fillers are developing cracks from age but are presentable, NOT falling apart. Hood had some dings that are visible under the repaint, and it looks to me like there is probably some filler here and there. The drivers fender has scratched paint, and all the tires have age cracks starting. One tire had gone flat and was replaced with a good tire on a standard black riviera rim. Passanger side door someone tried to slim jim on a break in attempt (unsuccessful) so the latch inside it is disconnected - opens from the inside only. Head unit for radio is not in the car but all wiring and speakers are there and the harness uncut. Power seat switch is sometimes tempermental, and one side (believe drivers) lower door panel is not fully attached, some clips not there from removal during repaint. The headliner is sagging bad and is tacked up. There is a paint bubble or possible rust on lower drivers door corner and bottom left of trunk lip, mainly visible because the stanless trim bands are not on the car - removed during the old repaint. It will need a new neck on the catalytic converter which is currently removed along with the intermediate pipe. A new intermediate pipe is included. The muffler will need either a new neck to be welded on for the intermediate pipe, or to be replaced. Last quote from advance was in the $40-range. The rear bumper reinforcement has rust, and the drivers side rear frame extension is rusted in a non-load area - well past the rear suspension but before the bumper. Unibody structure and floors are all good. One drivers frt wheel stud is broken, and the front brakes werent properly bled when the last work was done on them so the pedal is LOW. There is a hiss audible on close inspection from air line leaking pressure on the rear adjustable suspension, but doesn not effect drivability at all.... simply cannot raise the rear suspension of the car to compensate for heavy trunk loads. It will need a battery as currently one is used from a different car whenever starting is required. There are some dents/dings in the roof that have been there longer than even the previous owner remembered.

Price is open to a reasonable offer and is negotiable, basically just looking to get back what I've spent to store the car for the last couple years if possible and eat the rest as a loss. Give her a new home and fix her up, or use for parts???