1965 Chevy II trade?


On Lucky #7
Not sure I am ready to do this but will see what is out there.. Looking for a NICE TR (prefer a GN) for my 65 chevy II. I have had 3 GN's and 4 T's and know these cars pretty well so please don't offer up some junk! Don't mean to sound disrespectful, just would like a nice car.

1965 Chevy II
400sbc, Dart Iron Eagles (205cc runners, 2.02/1.60 valves, 72cc chambers), Eagle crank, Eagle SIR rods (5.7"), SRP flattop pistons, Comp Cam Hyd Roller cam, Comp roller lifters, Roller rockers, Victor Jr, Holley 750dp, MSD HEI, Smith racecraft pedal/linkage setup. Currently set up with electric water pump drive. Engine has probably 30 or so 1/8th mile passes on it and only a few street miles.

Powerglide trans (fresh), manual valve body, qtr stick shifter, trans brake (never used).

9" ford rearend, mini tubbed, wildwood discs, 4.10 gear, Moser 31 spline axles, new Caltrac monoleaf springs with Caltrac type bars.

15gal fuel cell with sending unit and working fuel gauge.

Front end has discs also. All ball joints, bushings, etc are fresh.

Alum radiator with elec fan.

M/T ET drag from rims, Weld R/T rear rims with 28 x 9 slicks (I also have a set of 235/60/15 MT DR's for the street).

Car runs on pump gas (92 octane) always.

Interior is mostly original but still in very nice shape. Has a 6pt rollbar.

Paint is in good shape other than some clearcoat peeling on the deck lid. NO RUST whatsoever!!

Anyway, you get the idea. It has run a best of 7.09 on pump gas all motor in the 1/8th at 94mph.

I value it around $15k or so?? Heck I don't know...








On Lucky #7
Just put it out there. Really don't think I can go through with it..

I actually tried to delete the ad but couldn't figure out how to.