1911 problems


I have a love hate relationship with my Sig Sauer 1911 target gun. The problems i have with the 1911 is the slide would lock back prematurely with 1 or 2 rounds left in the magazine other times the slide will not stay locked back after the last round. Also it use to fail to feed but now it seems to have sort of fixed it self because now it wont do it so much ,kinda rare if it does. Whats weird about this gun is when new it fired the first 250-300 rounds with no problems. I tried wilson magazines,different ammo (was told 1911 were designed for wad cutters ,never tried) but the problem is still there. im thinking the problem lies in the slide lock . Anyone have any suggestions?? would much rather fix it myself if it is simple fix otherwise i could take it back to the store since i bought lifetime warranty with the gun. thanks in advance.


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I would take it back for repair, you paid for the warranty...the gun is somehow seeing an empty magazine, my Taurus .380 did that new, it was the magazine itself. Since you have tried a different magazine I suspect something in the magazine well.