17" GNX style wheels

My brother runs Axis wheels on his '05 GTO. It's a very nice wheel for the money. That's a very nice mesh wheel on that Camaro. The website says they offer them with graphite centers. Hmmmm, maybe it's time to sell my 16's?
They are nice rims and at an affordable price for most. Unfortunately, they're only listed with a positive offset which is not good for fitting on a stock bodied stock suspension turbo regal g-body.
What's the issue?
Without spacers, they're not likely to fit. To fit correctly on a g-body, they probably should be no more than a 0 offset. To fit even better, they should have some "-" (i.e. negative) offset. For instance, for the 17x8 rim, it would probably fit best on the rear with somewhere around -25 offset. In the front, probably somewhere in the -15 to -25 offset range.


I want all the Buick's


Spacing would be different.The Iroc's and the gta's used two different offset wheels.Thats why everyone wants four fronts in the GTA's because the fronts are o offset and fit front and back of TR's right.

Yes, hence the "somewhat" close.