16" Enkei GNX-Style wheels w/tires


Please read the following before sending any PM's regarding these wheels:

Local pickup only - That means I will not ship them. Don't waste my time and yours asking me what shipping costs when you have just read that I will not ship this set of wheels and tires.

I may be willing to take some parts + cash in trade for this set of wheels. Parts I would be interested in are:
-A near mint or mint complete power drivers seat
-Rear bumper fillers that are in good to excellent condition
-A mint condition or refinished steering wheel, gray in color

As the title states, these are the 16" Enkei GNX style wheels. This means these are not actual GNX wheels, but similar. All four wheels have the same backspacing, so if youre OCD requires you to rotate your tires, it is possible. These wheels are in good condition, however the wheel that was on the RF has very minimal curb rash. By minimal I mean I generally have to point it out to others that it exists, but a trained eye will spot it. The wheels have the Enkei center caps. The tires on the wheels are P235/55R16 Continentials. The tires have 4-5/32" tread remaining, and I would be lying if I said the rear tires were never subjected to a show-off contest. Let's be real, these wheels/tires were on a GN!

I am asking $800 for the set. Cash talks, but no low-ball offers. I am located west of Madison, WI. I've attached pics of the wheels for your viewing pleasure. PM me or post with questions.


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A Bozo in Buick
I ran those back in the Day,thanks for the flash backs....extremely light weight...Enki makes them again now, but not GN bolt pattern
Good wheels if anyone get's them


Double you eee what?
I run those rims and if memory serves, they were around 17 lbs without tires on then using a scale in our parts room. They are pretty light as bozo stated.


I brought home my tire tread depth gauge from work so I could measure the tires as there has been a lot of questions regarding the life of them. The rear tires currently have 3/32" tread remaining, which isn't a lot. The front tires have 6/32" remaining, and have some life left.

Being a realist, and having a shop that sells tires, I can't ask $800 for the set. More or less, I'm now selling the wheels and you get whats left of the tires with them.

$650 firm - I am still willing to trade them for parts listed above + cash.

Again, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, I will not ship them out due to the costs involved.


TTT - Best offer wins, but you come pick them up. I am willing to meet a potential buyer either in Madison, WI or Dubuque, IA with them if any midwest guys/girls are interested.