1000 head of sheep can't be wrong?


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Greetings from my home state of California. Where "Open minded", "Progressive"thinking is the norm.


Mike B.

Gary Wells

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I swear that dude said "that way, only the illegal, non-registered guns will stay on the street".

With a little luck maybe he will be petitioning at the range tomorrow, we can invite him
to go shooting with us, & we'll tell him that it is his turn to hold the target 1st.

Somebody needs to stand beside him and sell targets with his picture on them.

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Chances are that eventually this guy is going to ask a legal CCW (concealed carry weapons) permit holder to sign the petition.
Imagine the surprise on that schmuck's face when he hears: "I am a legal CCW permit holder and I am carrying mine now."
That idiot is liable to be looking down the wrong end of a barrel with somebody else holding the gun.

rev. 3:11

He's doing it as an expose' on them idiots; he did another one regarding the 1st Amend.
& got people to sign a petition to repeal it
He is a Gun Rights guy showing the stupidity of some people.
Toward the end he talks to the cameraman "Holy Cow!"telling he can't believe the people signing it.:confused:
I actually showed both of his videos to my high school Gov't class & they were (thankfully) astonished at the ignorance he exposed