10 Most & Least Ticketed Cars by COPS


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10 Most Ticketed Cars

1. Hummer H2

People who love the Hummer H2 probably love its bold, imposing looks. Apparently, cops love the H2 because it helps them meet their ticket quotas. Here's a tip: If you have an H2, maybe you shouldn't drive it near then end of the month when traffic cops are scrambling to make their numbers.

2. Scion tC

Seeing the tC on the most-ticketed list makes sense, given its popularity with young people. Its sporty performance, which comes at a price that makes affording tickets easy, probably helps tempt some drivers as well.

3. Scion xB

Like the Scion tC, the xB is aimed at younger drivers. Still, when you look at the xB's less-than-stellar performance, it's safe to assume that all the tickets xB drivers are getting aren't moving violations.

4. Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG

If you're lucky enough to have a Mercedes AMG -- any AMG -- then a few tickets are worth unleashing this luxurious beast. Besides, if you've got a Mercedes, you can probably afford a few traffic citations.

5. Toyota Solara Coupe

Now, here's a surprise. The fifth most ticketed car is the Toyota Solara Coupe. Essentially a two-door Camry, the Solara isn't known for road-thrashing performance. Maybe Solara drivers just get a lot of parking tickets.

6. Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

The CLS63 AMG is another luxury performance car, so it's no shocker to see its drivers among the most ticketed. The question is: With all that power, why aren't more CLS63 AMG drivers outrunning the cops?

7. Scion xA

With the xA taking the seventh spot on the ten most ticketed cars list, Scion completes the traffic-ticket hat trick. Toyota's upstart little brand has only come out with four models over its entire lifespan -- and three of them will likely get you a date in traffic court.

8. Subaru Outback

Subarus have a reputation of being yuppie grocery getters, but the Outback manages to prove that stereotype wrong by being one of the top ten most ticketed cars. Apparently, the Outback is the car of choice for people who need to get to Whole Foods in a hurry, and maybe park illegally once they're there.

9. Audi A4

Audi often finds itself in the shadows of Mercedes and BMW, but not when it comes to getting tickets. The Audi A4 is the ninth most ticketed car in America.

10. Toyota Matrix

The Toyota Matrix is often credited for bringing SUV styling to small cars. Now it can also be credited to bringing insurance rate increases to thousands of its owners.

10 Least Ticketed Cars

1. Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ gives drivers a smooth ride and an opulent interior. As the least- ticketed car in America, it also seems to provide the ability to fly under radar guns. There's a feature they won't tell you about at the dealership.

2. Chevrolet Suburban

Suburban drivers tend to need their large SUVs for hauling people or towing trailers, not breaking land speed records. So it's not surprising to see it on the list of least-ticketed cars.

3. Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe shares some architecture with the Hummer H2, the most-ticketed car in America. Despite the two having similar sizes, the Tahoe manages not to attract as much police attention.

4. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500

It's no shocker to find Chevrolet's heavy-duty trucks among the least-ticketed vehicles. These trucks are usually bought for their towing ability, not for impromptu drag races.

5. Buick Grand National

While Buick had recently begun to increase the oomph in their cars, the now- discontinued Grand National helped solidify the brand's image as cars for the Grandpa set. No wonder Grand National drivers tend not to get very many tickets. :tongue:

6. Mazda6

The largest car in Mazda's line up, the Mazda6 has plenty of the brand's zoom-zoom, yet still manages to be among the least-ticketed cars. If you love driving sporty sedans but can't take seeing any more red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, the Mazda6 may be just the car for you.

7. Buick Rainier

The now-discontinued Buick Rainier is a largely forgettable attempt at a near- luxury SUV. Maybe that forgettable nature keeps cops from noticing when one commits a traffic offense.

8. Oldsmobile Silhouette

Finding a minivan from Oldsmobile on the list of least-ticketed cars isn't surprising. What's surprising is that anyone is still driving a Silhouette.

9. Buick Lucerne

The Buick Lucerne offers a near-luxury experience at an affordable large car price. Being one of the least-ticketed cars means that the Lucerne's affordability continues after it's bought, thanks to fewer fines and lower insurance rates.

10. GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra is an attractive truck for work or play. With its ability to haul or tow heavy loads, this truck will do anything you ask it to, including avoiding traffic citations.


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HAHA, I'm suprised T's aren't on the list of most ticketed thanks to me and my teenage years. Stupid highschool kid (that would be me 12 years ago:biggrin: ) with a 13 second car = lots of tickets and license being suspended twice LOL.


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No tickets with the wife's Outback so far. Good thing. Can't afford any.:wink:


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You know thats funny because every time I have been pulled over it has been in the GN :biggrin: I was only pulled over one time total between two FBodys and a fox body over a several year span, all the other times it's been in the GN and I drive that one the least :eek:


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I don't even get a second look in my Volvo station wagon. But I did get pulled over driving my Buick just so the cop could offer to buy it. That was weird!!!


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Read that yesterday. A Solara? Gimme a break. Unless of course the driver is a hot chic. :D I'm on the list of the least ticketed... my trusty GMC Sierra.


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Surely this crap falls in there somewhere too


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I was pulled over last year to have a cop drool all over my car:biggrin:THEY were amazed that my gn has 37,000 miles on it
Doesn't suprise me about the GN's. I've been pulled over multiple times and let go with warnings, and that's including a time I tried to evade the cop who was pulling me over.


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Last summer I was pulled out of my GN at gunpoint!!! He thought I was trying to evade but I honestly never saw him until he almost rearended me.The officer runs out of his car screaming get out of the car, on the ground. I'm like Dude what the hell is the problem. Needless to say a supervisor shows up while I am in handcuffs in the back of the cruiser and tells me about the Turbo T that he had. He asks me about all the mods I have and what it runs. They uncuff me and give me a ticket for doing 56 in a 35. Turns out my brothers neighbor is a Police officer in that town and the ticket just disapeared. That was a relief. It sure is great to know people.


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I don't know where they get their stats from but I say BS. The first (10) cars mentioned usually get the least amount of attention not the most when it comes to MV violations.

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I know of a few GN's pulled over so the cops could check them out:biggrin:

X2....Been in and seen many an occasion where this happens. Many of the cops are car guys too and with the more recent attention (BJ auction prices and thefts) given to our cars, when one is seen on the road it probably will be pulled over for a look, see, and check.

CT is usually the most "fun". Get pulled over by a local who saw the car and wanted another look. Then a State Trooper happens by the scene and stops to check on the local cop. And the Trooper then tells you the stories of when they had turbo Buicks as highway patrol cars...No problems, no tickets, just car guys that can take a second look because they have flashing lights and sirens on their cars and they carry guns. :)