1/8 mile track night PL files attached open for advice/comments

Discussion in 'Bracket Racing Across America' started by wb's87, Jul 21, 2016.

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    Apr 7, 2010
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    So I made my weekly trip to LANCASTER DDRAGWAY in western NY. Right off the trailer I ran an all time best of 7.21 @ 96mph. The car preceded to run slower every run thereafter.

    run 2: 7.28 @ 94
    run 3: 7.31 @ 92
    run 4: 7.37 @ 92
    run 5: 7.41 @ 92

    After the end of run 4 as I was slowing I heard a loud pop like a m-80 going off. It kinda shook the car and scared the crap out of me. I thought I blew a HG or an intercooler pipe. Back in the pits I gave the car a thorough lookover and found nothing wrong. I was already concerned about the car slowing each run and now this happened. so on run 5 I was very tentative and ran the7.41. so the car still slowed some but mechanically seemed fine. Eliminations were starting and I dialed in at 7.40. I had a slight advantage in reaction time .561 to his .572 I was ahead the entire race and let off on the throttle before the MPH timers and coasted through the finish line. I glanced up to see the win light come on in the other lane. I broke out 7.40 / 7.33 and lost first round. I fully expected the car to run a little slower. But on the last pass I'm sure it would have run in the 7.20's if I hadn't let off it.

    I am attaching PL files I'm open to all comments or advice.
    Please notice the RPM and BOOST at 0 MPH everyone asks how I do it? I have no clue if it's normal or something wrong?

    Thanks for looking

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    I can't see your data my phone won't open it anyway u r leaning out that's y it popped if u want email me your data
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    Our builds are very similar except the turbo, and my data shows the same thing with the boost. Your 1-2 shift looks kinda high but maybe that's due to the turbo pushing it? What was your 60' time? Last year I ran a 7.3 and the 60' was a 1.66

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