#051 for sale in Dover DE

Hi, this is an FYI post only. I am not the owner of this car. My brother is a salesman at the local Chevrolet dealership and when I found out the owner had a GNx on the showroom floor for sale I had to go see it :)

Please direct any questions to my brother his cell is (without the X's) 3x02-23x3-55x30. This is just me doing my Turbo Buick diligence. I would be glad to go take additional pics, anybody seriously interested in the car will have specific picture requests or come see it in person so I didn't take flash pictures, or even a lot of pictures. I also did not open the hood, because I didn't want to have to slam it in the showroom and I didn't want to be touching all over the mans car with no intention of buying. If somebody is seriously interested and has some specific picture / things to check requests from a local Buick brethren let me know.

What I do know is the car has 1,733 miles on it, and in the pictures has aftermarket wheels. The owner has the original wheels and they come with the car. The owner is asking 150k obo.

If you want to personally ask me questions please private message me. I do not want to appear to be speaking on behalf of the dealership or owner since it is not my car. I just wanted to see another GNx since I have only seen a few, and my brother is a salesman there so I told him I would at least post the car and location on here. Thanks, Andrew


nice car, but i think he's a little high on the price . If you look at some recent sales , even at auction , similar mile gnx can be bought for under 100k . Not degrading the car or seller just stating a fact based on info. Having said that , there is an ass for every seat. Good luck with the sale