1986 t-type

  1. TommyValentine

    I'll likely be inheriting my dad's '86 GN. It hasn't run since the 90's. I could use some advice.

    I was directed to these forums some time ago but never got around to making an account. I'll provide as much background information as I can, but my knowledge of this specific car are limited, as is my knowledge of cars in general. I know my way around a motorcycle but cars are a whole 'nother...
  2. T

    1986 T-Type- $15

    Here's my ttype: 1986 Buick Regal T-Type Former SoCal car located in KY Clean title in my name, clean Carfax. I am 3rd owner. Asking $15k 73k miles Exterior: Black with blackout trim (WO2) and chrome bumpers (car was taken to the metal and repainted a few years ago and since then it has...